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Linn Ann J. Griffin

Co-Owner/Licensed FD

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Co-Owner/Licensed FD

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Licensed FD/CFSP

Thomas J. Griffin, Jr.

Licensed FD

    In the early 1940s, Mr. Thomas Strong purchased the Mitchell Funeral Home, located a the south east corner of West Carolina and Copeland Streets from Reverend Williams Mitchell. The original building is in corporate into the modern present-day structure known as Strong & Jones Funeral Home, Inc.

Mr.Thomas Strong and his wife, Mrs. Mamie Johnson Simmons Strong met a young funeral director in business in Quincy, Florida named Elbert W. Jones. Their friendship developed and from time to time, they would assist each other in business. Mr. Strong's sudden death in 1947 left Mrs. Strong alone to continue the funeral business. A new funeral director was needed and Mrs. Strong offered the position to Elbert W. Jones. For a short period thereafter, the business was known as the Elbert W. Jones Funeral Home. Through prayer and personal community service, the business began to flourish. On September 1, 1947, Elbert W. Jones purchased half of the business, and the partnership of Mamie J. Strong and Jones, merged into one big happy family. The Strong family members included: Mamie J. Strong; one son, Robert C. Strong, who became a licensed funeral director I 1951; and two daughters, Winifred McCoy and Betty S. Lawrence. The Jones family members included: Elbert W. Jones and his wife, Inez Stevens Jones; a daughter, Linn Ann Jones Griffin, who became a licensed funeral director in 1983 and presently co-owns the business; a son Elbert W. Jones, Jr. All family members worked in various capacities such as responding to ambulance calls, transporting the sick and disabled to hospitals, removals and assisting with funerals and the many administrative tasks that help to make the business a success. During this time, the business employed one full-time employee, Mr. Mayhew Washington. Later, the late Mr. Phillip Ford, Mr. Johnny Johnson and Mr. T.J. Gregory became full-time employees. The late Daisy T. Smith joined the staff as beautician. In 1966, James A. Rowls joined our staff. Many part-time workers assist with funerals as well as with the day-to-day operations. With assistance of these persons, our business remains ever ready to serve this community.

This business was built on prayer and a true commitment to service. Business meetings for the staff were held each Monday morning with a hymn and a prayer. It also became customary for the staff to hold devotional services before going out on a funeral service. "Gracious and dignified Service" became the motto and today, as in the early years, at Strong and Jones Funeral Home, we strive hard to live up to this motto. In the daily business operation, we provide a full coverage funeral service. This includes: cremation, direct burials, shipping services and the additional funeral service. Yes, we have a plan to meet the needs of all individuals in a professional, caring and affordable manner. It is our desire to satisfy our clients in a fair, hones and confidential way. We respect our clients and their wish is our goal. The business became licensed to write pre-need funeral contracts in 1981. The staff participates in continuing education courses to keep up with the current trends in this profession.

The Greenwood Foundation was organized through our business. This group was responsible for cleaning and restoring the Greenwood Cemetery. Our business assists the local Leon County School District by attending Career Day, Vehicle Day and giving "Shadow Time" to interested students.

Strong and Jones Funeral Home maintain membership in the following organizations:

  • District V Funeral Directors
  • Florida Funeral Directors Association
  • Florida Morticians Association
  • National Funeral Directors Association
  • National Funeral Directors and Morticians Association
  • Florida and Georgia Independent Funeral Directors Association
  • Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce
  • Capital City Chamber of Commerce

Our history is completed with a commemoration to our founders and our family members. As we continue our service to the community as we live our motto - "Gracious and Dignified Service".

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